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New Taipei City, Xindian District
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My field is in journalism, but I am also an experienced editor and proof-reader.

I work well under tight and difficult deadlines to ensure what is specifically required to your document is done to your full satisfaction.

Ba (Hons) in History and English 2:1.

Experience in:
- InDesign, Bridge, Photoshop and MS Office
- editing - proofreading - working on education, fiction, non-fiction, children's, trade and gift publishing
- writing blurbs and blog pieces - working to deadlines
- working with other departments (such as design, sales and marketing)
- working with freelancers
- liaising with authors and publishers - project management
- using PCs and Macs

- Proofreading - $500NT per 1000 words.
- Editing - $750NT per 1000 words.

Happy to work via email or meet up to discuss. I can meet you anywhere in Taipei or New Taipei City.

If services If you are requiring the services of an experienced editor and proof-reader, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Tom Bakers

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About Me

Tom Bakers

Freelance Journalist

Reporting from Taiwan is my job. I am a freelance journalist and, since moving here in 2015, the only German correspondent regularly reporting from Taiwan for print media, radio and TV.

There is so much people in the West should know about Taiwan – about its democracy, diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and most of all about the amazing people here. I want to explore it further and understand it better.

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