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Dear Handsomes,

We are pleased to invite you to join our high-frequency gentleman angelic healing. It’s a male-only event for a maximum of 5 people along with the host, (myself) Trev Circle.

It includes several activities depending on the group flow and vibration no fixed format and no limitation with the highest respect. It will last no more than 2 hours and the after party can be further discussed. All processes will be nondisclosure.

The purpose is help to detox your body mind and soul and in the long run, wish could help you love your body mind and soul.

Please come with an open mind and positive vibes. If you feel resonated, please reply with your photo and we will find you the right frequency group.

No age weight or height criteria but all by frequency of your photo. There will also be female versions and mixed genders in the future.

If you want to be held and wait for the future please follow our Instagram @trevcircle_wellness.

Looking forward to seeing your reply and seeing you at the party.



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