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Taipei City, Songshan District
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【Office To Share】- Near "Nanjing East Road" MRT (5 min walk)- 5 Office Desks, New Decorations,

Does anybody wants to "share" an office with me, for a very low costs? I own an 🍓English Copywriting company, and we also 🍓source products in Taiwan to "sell globally."

This office is new office, and have 8 seats, I hope to share 5 seats.
(1) If you rent all 5, it will only be TWD $ 16,000/ month.
(2) If you just rent 1 seat, it will be TWD $4,000/month).

Please PM me~ (Deadline = Feb 28th, 2021)

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  • Office to Share 2
  • Office to Share 3

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About Me

Blessed to be a mom

Copywriter & Sales Person

Love cross-cultural sharing, Enjoy sales-types of job. Never afraid of new things.


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