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Greetings Expats,

I am a horticulturist with 40 years of professional experience including work as a landscape gardener, designer, arborist, consultant, teacher, garden-show radio personality, and author.

I recently published a book, now selling on Amazon: "Be Happy Forever? Make a Garden! (a Quirky Plant-Based Memoir and Guide to Making Gardens and Understanding Plants)".

To date, I have seven reviews, all 5-star, but I need more. Plus, I'm new to Taiwan, and although I have worked with subtropical flora in Hawaii and Los Angeles, I want to make more green friends here.

So, I will come to your place and help you with or teach you about repotting, plant care, garden design, renovation, bonsai, or arboriculture for up to three hours, and you pay me nothing; but IF you are happy with my help, all you have to do is buy my book on Amazon ($14.99) and post a review. That's it! Your plants want me to come over. Go ahead, ask 'em!.

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