Hong Kong Quality of Life Ranks Behind Taiwan

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Expats: Hong Kong quality of life ranks far behind Taiwan

Hong Kong lags far behind Taiwan

Hong Kong ranked last among the Four Asian Dragons in terms of quality of life due to high property prices and long working hours.

Hong Kong ranked a mediocre 56th out of 178 cities in the world as the best place for expatriates, according to InterNations, which surveyed 18,000 expatriates around the globe.

The former British colony ranked far behind other members of the Four Asian Dragons. By comparison, the survey results placed Taiwan 2nd, Singapore 5th, and South Korea 41st.

    •  2018/09/20 11:13


Taiwan Ranks as the 2nd Best Place to Live for Expats


Taiwan ranks as the 2nd best place to live for expats… China 55th, HK 56th

Taiwan ranks as the 2nd best place to live

In a new survey of the best places in the world for expats to live, Taiwan came in second, just a wee bit ahead of China and Hong Kong.

This year, the annual Expat Insider ranking, produced by the Munich-based expatriate network InterNations, surveyed more than 18,000 expats representing 178 nationalities, getting their opinions on everything from the quality of life in their adopted home to the cost of childcare, the ease of settling in, and their career prospects.

Taiwan ranked at the top in terms of overall quality of life and exceedingly well pretty much everywhere else. Expats were particularly high on Taiwan’s affordable healthcare (96% favorable), convenient transportation infrastructure (97%), and public safety (98%). Though the native language was rated as a significant barrier, the Taiwanese people were ranked 3rd in terms of friendliness and Taiwan came in 8th in the ease of finding friends.

    •  2018/09/11 18:40