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Updated : 2018-10-17 22:05 GMT+08:00

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 – – October News 2018 – –


Taiwan News, Oct. 17 (Taipei), by Keoni Everington, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Taiwan ranks 1st in Macroeconomic stability

Taiwan News — Taiwan ranks 1st in ‘Macroeconomic stability,’ 13th overall on World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2018.

    • 2018/10/17 12:53

 – – September News 2018 – –

      Society      Economics

Asia Times, Sep. 20. by Ben Kwok

Expats: Hong Kong quality of life ranks behind Taiwan

Asia Times — Hong Kong ranked last among the Four Asian Dragons in terms of quality of life due to high property prices and long working hours

  • 2018/09/20 11:13


Shanghaiist, Sep. 11. by Alex Linder

Taiwan ranks as the 2nd best place to live for expats

Shanghaiist — In a new survey of the best places in the world for expats to live, Taiwan came in second, just a wee bit ahead of China and Hong Kong.

  • 2018/09/11 18:40

Politics    Travel 


Taipei, Sept. 6 (CNA) by Joseph Yeh

Taiwan offers visa-free treatment to Russians

Focus Taiwan — Taiwan announced Thursday visa-free entry for Russian nationals as part of its efforts to promote closer exchanges.

  • 2018/09/06 12:24

– – August News 2018 – –


Crossroads (Taiwan), Aug. 08, by Nathan Snyder and Jeffrey Lien

Taiwan’s Latest Labor Standards Act Amendments

Crossroads — Early this year, Taiwan’s legislature passed a set of amendments to the Labor Standards Act (LSA), Taiwan’s core statute governing labor and employment.

These amendments, which were officially implemented on March 1, 2018, feature changes intended to provide greater flexibility to employers whose business needs may make compliance with the previous strict set of amendments difficult. […]

  • 2018/09/08 15:17


Taipei, Mar. 7 (CNA) by William Yen, CNA (Image: Kaibigan Jay)

China work permit requirement for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan jobseekers on the mainland to be abolished

South China Morning Post — Shift in rules should simplify the process of changing jobs or moving among mainland cities.

It will be easier for Hongkongers working on mainland China to change jobs or move among cities there in the future, after Beijing said on Friday it would abolish a work permit requirement for employees from the city, Macau and Taiwan. […]

  • 2018/08/04 13:01

Society    Travel 


Taipei, August 3 (Taiwan News) by Keoni Everington

Taiwan ranks in top 10 for travelers from East

Taiwan News — Taiwan has been ranked among the top 10 holiday destinations for travelers in eight Asian countries, according to a newly released survey by the travel website Skyscanner.

In a survey carried out in May on 5,000 Skyscanner users based in nine Asian countries/territories, Taiwan was ranked as having the second most searches by would-be travelers in Hong Kong, while it ranked third in Japan, fifth in China, sixth in South Korea, eighth in the Philippines and Malaysia, 10th in Singapore and 18th in Vietnam. […]

  • 2018/08/03 12:59


Taiwan News, Aug. 2 (CNA) by Matthew Strong, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Philippines office in Taiwan launches app and connection service

Taiwan News — The Philippines’ representative office in Taiwan has launched an app to improve connections with and between Filipino citizens on the island, the Central News Agency reported Thursday.

The Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO), as it is officially known, has turned a version of its website into an app called MECO Ph available in Google Play and Apple Store, representative Angelito Banayo told CNA. […]

  • 2018/08/02 17:37

– – July News 2018 – –


Taipei Times, July. 31. by a Staff writer, with CNA.

Flow of talent unbalanced, report says

Taipei Times — EDUCATIONAL IMBALANCE: The overwhelming majority of foreigners in Taiwan perform non-professional jobs, while more than 700,000 highly educated Taiwanese work abroad.

Taiwan is experiencing a severe imbalance between talent inflows and outflows, with the majority of Taiwanese leaving to work abroad having higher education degrees that qualify them for professional jobs, while most foreigners working in Taiwan are non-professionals, an official research report said. […]

  • 2018/07/31 14:11


Taipei, July 24 (Taiwan News) by Matthew Strong

Taiwan considers unemployment benefits for foreigners with APRC

Focus Taiwan — Foreigners holding an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC) might be considered for unemployment payments and other social benefits.

Government departments including the Ministry of Labor and the National Development Council were discussing proposals to apply employment insurance to the foreign residents under the government’s current economic migrant policies. […]

  • 2018/07/24 19:42

Politics    Travel 


Taipei, June 12 (CNA) by Joseph Yeh

Visa-free program extended for Brunei, Philippine, Thai nationals

Focus Taiwan — Taiwan on Thursday announced that it is extending a trial 14-day visa-free entry program for nationals from Brunei, the Philippines and Thailand for another year, starting Aug. 1.

“The measure is being continued to attract visitors from New Southbound Policy partner countries for tourism and business purposes, and to increase people-to-people exchanges,” MOFA said in a statement. […]

  • 2018/07/12 12:13


TAIPEI (Taiwan News), June. 6. By Keoni Everington, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

After 10 years in China, Taiwanese man lists 8 ways life is better in Taiwan

Taiwan News — After 10 years in Shanghai, Taiwanese man refutes myth that life is better in China.

After having lived and worked in Shanghai for 10 years and returned home for one year, a Taiwanese man refutes the myth that life is somehow better for his countrymen in China by creating a list showing most aspects of life are in fact far better in Taiwan. […]

  • 2018/07/06 13:04


Taipei, July 5 (China) by The Economist

A deadline looms in China’s battle with foreign firms over Taiwan

The Economist — WHEN it comes to asserting sovereignty over Taiwan, no fight is too small for Chinese officials. In January censors shut down the website of Marriott, a hotel chain, after it referred to Taiwan as well as Tibet, Hong Kong and Macau as countries in a customer survey. The site was unblocked only after the company’s chief executive issued a grovelling public apology.

In April China complained about an online allusion to Taiwan as a country by organisers of the Man Booker prize for fiction (they eventually chose a fudge, listing the island instead as a “country/territory”). […]

  • 2018/07/05 18:12

– – June News 2018 – –

Politics    Travel 


Taipei, June 26 (TOURISTS) by Asia Times Staff

Taiwan to attract over 300,000 Filipino tourists in 2018

Asia Times — At least 300,000 Filipino tourists are expected to visit Taiwan this year due to the new visa-free policy that came into effect late last year.

According to Alfred Y.H. Wang, a director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO), the number of tourists increased from 172,475 in 2016 to 290,784 last year. […]

  • 2018/06/26 17:32

Politics    Society 

Taipei, June 26 (CNA) by Claudia Liu and S.C. Chang

18 foreign professionals earn ROC citizenship

Focus Taiwan — The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) approved applications Tuesday by 18 foreign professionals to become naturalized Taiwanese, including well-known radio and TV broadcaster Jeffrey Mindich.

They are among 50 foreign professionals in six fields that include science and technology, education and economics to have been granted Republic of China citizenship after five rounds of screening meetings, according to a MOI statement. […]

  • 2018/06/26 20:26


Taipei, June. 22 (ASYLUM SEEKERS) by David Wroe

Turnbull government’s secret refugee deal revealed

The Sydney Morning Herald — The Turnbull government has signed a deal to send refugees on Nauru who need urgent medical care to Taiwan, in an undisclosed arrangement aimed at stopping them from applying to stay in Australia after being treated in local hospitals.

Fairfax Media can reveal Australia signed a memorandum of understanding with Taiwan – which is not a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention – in September last year that has so far seen about five refugees flown 5500 kilometres to the capital Taipei for high-level care. […]

  • 2018/06/22 22:54

Society    Travel 

Taipei, June 14 (Taipei Times) by Chen Kuan-pei and Sherry Hsiao

Wind turbines are tourist ‘must-see’

Taipei Times — A wind farm comprised of 432 vertical-axis wind turbines on the coast of Changhua County’s Fangyuan Township has become the county’s latest tourist attraction.

The DS-3000 turbines, which has a two-blade system that guarantees high efficiency while enabling the system to activate even with very weak winds, were erected by a power company, which rented about 26,000 ping (85,950m2) of idle fish farms in the township’s Sinbao Village, near the Wanggong Fishing Port. […]

  • 2018/06/14 11:18

Politics    Economics 

Taipei, June 13 (Eye On Taiwan) by Stephanie Chao

Gov’t rolls out plans to save struggling tourist industry in southern Taiwan

Eye On Taiwan — The Tourism Bureau has rolled out several initiatives to help boost tourism in parts of Southern Taiwan. The move came after mounting pressure from Taiwan’s Legislature concerned about the struggling tourism in Southern Taiwan’s Kenting, Dapeng Bay, Little Liquid and Hengchun Old Town as a result of a sharp reduction in the number of mainland Chinese visitors.

Those initiatives include providing subsidies for members of the tourism industry and devising attractive travel packages, such as charters flights between Hengchun Airport and Southeast Asian countries to encourage more international tourists to visit southern Taiwan. […]

  • 2018/06/13 16:22

Society    Travel 

Taipei, June 7 (MIGRANT WORKERS) by Asia Times Staff

Foreign drivers on wrong track when it comes to road safety

Asia Times — Police say that migrant workers in the southern industrial district around Kaohsiung have become serial road safety offenders, with officers stopping them regularly for offences like drink-driving and riding a motorbike without a license.

There are more than 8,000 migrant workers from Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia at factories in the county, according to Gangshan Precinct of the Kaohsiung City Police Department, which admits it has problems communicating with them. […]

  • 2018/06/07 18:47


Taipei, June 7 (New Immigrants) by George Liao

Taipei’s Foreign & Disabled Labor Office provides training for foreign caregivers

Taiwan News — Taipei City’s Foreign and Disabled Labor Office (FDLO) will provide six intensive training sessions for the city’s foreign caregivers to help them sharpen caregiving skills and adapt to the local environment, stating June, the FDLO said on Wednesday.

According to the agency, the trainings will be delivered by experts in the fields of nursing and consulting. Coursework spans a wide range of caregiving essentials, such as oral hygiene, safety points on moving the care recipient, administering back-patting on the recipient, meal-feeding techniques, wheelchair transport techniques, medication instructions, and mental health promotions […]

  • 2018/06/07 14:24

– – May News 2018 – –

Society    Travel 

Taipei, May. 31 (CNA) by Chen Yen-chun and Ko Lin

Third-party liability insurance for public bikes to begin June

Focus Taiwan — Riders of public bicycles in Taipei and New Taipei will get to enjoy free third-party liability insurance coverage effective from June 1, the Taipei City Department of Transportation announced Thursday.

The insurance compensation for the injury or death of a third party caused by such a bike rider will be a maximum of NT$2 million (US$66,800). […]

  • 2018/05/31 23:16


Taipei, May 30 (The National Interest) by Michael Mazza

It Is Time for Trump to Rethink the One-China Policy

The National Interest — Taiwan has lost yet another diplomatic ally, with Burkina Faso cutting ties with the island. That news coincided with China’s dis-invitation from America’s Rim of the Pacific Exercise and the cancellation of the summit between United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, making Burkina Faso’s abandonment of Taiwan seem inconsequential by comparison.

After all, Taiwan’s unofficial relationship with the United States is far more valuable to Taipei than are its formal diplomatic partners. […]

  • 2018/05/30 13:32


Taipei, May. 15 (CNA) by Shih Hsiu-chuan

Bill proposed to attract foreign talent in key sectors

Focus Taiwan — The Cabinet on Tuesday proposed further relaxing rules governing the recruitment and employment of foreign professionals, in an effort to attract more overseas talent to meet the nation’s needs in developing key industries and building a bilingual education system.

The extent to which the regulations governing recruitment and employment have been eased over the years “is insufficient” for Taiwan to attract foreign talent […]

  • 2018/03/20 21:35


Taipei, May. 15 (CNA) by Wang Shu-fen and Ko Lin

Tourism Bureau unveils subsidies to promote tourism

Focus Taiwan — The Tourism Bureau announced Tuesday that it has set aside NT$40 million (US$1.34 million) to subsidize tour operators who offer tour packages to five national scenic areas in southern Taiwan.

The locations include the Siraya National Scenic Area in Tainan, Maolin National Scenic Area in Kaohsiung, Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area in Pingtung County, Penghu National Scenic Area, and East Coast National Scenic Area in Taitung County. […]

  • 2018/05/15 20:35


Taipei, May. 15 (DW Asia) by William Yang

Is Taiwan’s tourism industry too reliant on China?

DW Asia — Despite a tumultuous political relationship, China and Taiwan have always maintained a steady exchange of tourism. But a recent decline in Chinese tourists to Taiwan has highlighted just how vital this exchange is.

According to statistics from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Chinese tourist arrivals in Taiwan peaked in 2015, with four million Chinese visitors descending on the island during that year. […]

  • 2018/05/15 21:35


Taipei, May 11 (CNA) By Yu Hsiao-han and William Yen

New rule makes it easier for foreigners to perform in Taiwan

Focus Taiwan — A new rule that no longer requires foreign entertainers to get a formal approval from venues where they intend to perform took effect Friday, the Ministry of Labor (MOL) said in a statement.

The amendments to the Qualifications and Criteria Standards for foreign nationals undertaking jobs specified under Article 46.1.1 to 46.1.6 of the Employment Service Act have gone into effect, the statement issued by the MOL’s Workforce Development Agency (WDA) noted. […]

  • 2018/05/11 23:04


Taipei, May. 10 (U.K. based higher education information provider Quacquarelli Symonds) by Huang Chung-hsin

Taipei, Hsinchu listed among the world’s top 100 student cities

Taiwan Today — Taipei and Hsinchu placed 20th and 73rd, respectively, in the top 100 student cities list released May 8 by U.K.-based higher education information provider Quacquarelli Symonds.

Moving up one place from last year, Taipei ranked sixth in Asia ahead of Beijing, 26th; Shanghai, 29th; and Kuala Lumpur, 37th; and behind Tokyo, second; Seoul, 10th; Hong Kong, 12th; Singapore, 15th; and the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe metropolitan region, 19th. The 2018 index was topped by London, with Melbourne in third. […]

  • 2018/05/10 16:33


Taipei, May. 2 (ifi.immigration.gov.tw) National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior

Immigration agency extends Southeast Asian language hotline

Taiwan Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior — In order to strengthen immigration counselling and counselling hotline service quality and effectiveness, National Immigration Agency’s “Life Counselling Service Hotline for Foreigners Living in Taiwan: 0800-024-111” will extend its services in Indonesian, Thai, and Cambodian languages to Mondays to Fridays (excluding national holidays and other holidays) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (8 hours a day), starting May 1, 2018.

According to National Immigration Agency, this hotline provides free 24-hour counselling service in Chinese, English, and Japanese. For Southeast Asian languages, Vietnamese is offered Mondays to Fridays (excluding national holidays and other holidays) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., a total of 8 hours counselling service, while Indonesian, Thai, and Cambodian languages are offered only from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., a total of 4 hours of service. […]

  • 2018/05/02 20:23

– – April News 2018 – –


Taipei, April. 27 (Taiwan News) By Matthew Strong

Taiwan EasyCards to be used in Okinawa from July

Taiwan News — The EasyCards now used mainly for Mass Rapid Transit and bus travel in Taipei City will be used on the Japanese island of Okinawa from next July, the EasyCard Corporation said Friday.

The cooperation with the Yui Rail service in Okinawa City is the first time EasyCards will be used overseas, the United Daily News reported. In Taiwan, the cards are not only used for public transportation inside and outside the capital, but also to make payments in shops. […]

  • 2018/04/27 16:41


Taipei, April. 20 (CNA) by David Spencer

Taiwan Tourism Bureau criticism losing perspective

Taiwan News — A flurry of criticisms of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has got a bit out of hand, so let’s take a more reasoned look at their role – The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has been taking a fair bit of flak on social media of late and it seemed only fair to try and put these criticisms into context a little bit.

Blog posts such as this one, entitled “Something Very Wrong Is Happening at Taiwan Tourism Board” have fuelled this thinking, and while some of the criticisms being levelled are valid, others are, in my view, a little excessive. […]

  • 2018/04/20 12:21


Taipei, April 18 (CNA) by Chen Cheng-wei and William Yen

Residence permit holders to take part in online policy platform

Focus Taiwan — Residence permit holders in Taiwan will be able to take part in an online policy participation platform to submit tips and proposals in June, according to the National Development Council (NDC).

The Public Policy Participation Network Platform, set up by the NDC in February 2015, is a way for people to participate in public affairs, through which the government has established a channel for rational dialogue and communication with the general public. […]

  • 2018/04/19 00:00


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) by Keoni Everington

9 more foreign professionals approved for Taiwanese citizenship

Taiwan News — A total of 32 foreign professionals have now been able to obtain Taiwanese citizenship while not having to give up their original nationality. As part of a new policy that went into effect last year, nine foreign professionals yesterday (April 17) were granted special permission to become naturalized as Taiwanese citizens, while not having to relinquish their original nationality, announced the Ministry of the Interior (MOI).

At its fourth meeting to review applications by professionals to become naturalized Taiwanese citizens held yesterday, the MOI selected nine new recipients, bringing the total number of foreign nationals accepted under the new program to 32. […]

  • 2018/04/18 11:53


Taipei, April 13 (CNA) by Y.F. Low

U.S. dollar closes higher on Taipei forex market

Focus Taiwan — The U.S. dollar rose against the Taiwan dollar Friday, gaining NT$0.042 to close at NT$29.302.

Turnover totaled US$1.22 billion during the trading session. The greenback opened at NT$29.265 and moved between NT$29.245 and NT$29.360 before the close. […]

  • 2018/04/13 16:13


Taipei, April 12 (CNA) by Yu Hsiao-han and Evelyn Kao

Foreign student work permit process simplified: labor ministry

Focus Taiwan — The Ministry of Labor said Thursday that it has implemented a new measure that makes it easier for international students in Taiwan to apply for work permits.

Under the new regulations that took effect March 23, foreign and overseas compatriot students need only submit a photocopy of their passports, along with the work permit application form, said Chiu Yueh-yun (邱月雲), a division head in the ministry’s Workforce Development Agency (WDA). […]

  • 2018/04/12 16:59


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) by Matthew Strong

Taiwan Immigration Agency to track down illegal brokers & employers

Taiwan News — The National Immigration Agency (NIA) will actively track down illegal brokers and employers while helping out unaccounted-for foreign workers, Director-General Jeff Yang (楊家駿) told the Chinese-language Liberty Times.

Most foreign laborers in Taiwan hail from Southeast Asian countries, and are sometimes victimized by labor brokerage agencies demanding high fees or by employers exploiting their position, reports said. […]

  • 2018/04/05 19:25

– – March News 2018 – –

– – February News 2018 – –

– – January News 2018 – –

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