Taiwan Ranks 1st in ‘Macroeconomic Stability’ in WEF Global Competitiveness

Taiwan ranks 1st in 'Macroeconomic stability'

Taiwan has ranked 1st in stability which is placed 13th overall on World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2018.

In its worldwide competitiveness rankings report released on the October 17,  ranks 140 countries based on 98 indicators and 12 pillars. The WEF ranked Taiwan 1st in the “Macroeconomic stability” pillar, sharing the top spot with 31 other countries.

The WEF says that its Macroeconomic stability pillar measures the key factors impacting a country’s competitiveness through its investment decision channel. The two main components measured in this pillar are inflation and “Debt dynamics,” the latter of which refers to the “sustainability of public finance.”

    •  2018/10/17 12:53

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