The Taiwan Receipt Lottery

The Latest Uniform invoice winning numbers:

– Released on May 25th 2019 for months 03 and 04, 2019.

Receipt Lottery for March & April, 2019

Share the latest receipt lottery numbers to let others know to check their receipts!

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Lottery Winning Model

If you live in Taiwan, save your receipts!

There is a unique eight digit number on every receipt for every two months. A drawing is then held on the 25th of the following month.

For example, for all the receipts received in January and February, a drawing is held on March 25th.

Receipt Examples of May to June 2015Above are two examples of receipts from May & June, 2015 – note the year: 104年 and month: 05-06月.

Previous lottery Winning Numbers:

For Months: 03 & 04 (2019)

For Months: 01 & 02 (2019)

For Months: 11 & 12 (2018)

Prize Categories

Prize TypeHow To WinPrize Amount
The Special Prize
Match all the ‘Special Prize’ numbers.NT$10 Million
The Grand Prize
Match all the ‘Grand Prize’ numbers.NT$2 Million
The Regular (First) Prize
Match all 8 digits of any number-set within the ‘First Prize’ category.NT$200,000
The Second PrizeMust match the last 7 digits of any number-set within the ‘First Prize’ category.NT$40,000
The Third PrizeMatch the last 6 digits of any number-set within the ‘First Prize’ category.NT$10,000
The Fourth PrizeMatch the last 5 digits of any number-set within the ‘First Prize’ category.NT$4,000
The Fifth PrizeMatch the last 4 digits of any number-set within the ‘First Prize’ category.NT$1,000
The Sixth PrizeMatch the last 7 digits of any number-set within the ‘First Prize’ category.NT$200
The Additional PrizeMatch all 3 digits of any number-set within the ‘Additional Prize’ category.NT$200

Receipt Lottery FAQs

1. Who can participate in this receipt lottery scheme?

Anyone can participate, even foreigners as long as their visa is valid. Foreign winners must bring their ARC for prizes over $NT1,000.

2. Why does Taiwan have a receipt lottery?

In an effort to get merchants to keep things on the books, the government created the uniform invoice lottery system to encourage consumers to collect their sales invoices, as part of the MOF’s efforts to prevent tax evasion by retailers. Having customers demand their receipt after each transaction would force merchants to record their accounts for tax purposes.

3. How to claim a prize after I’ve won?

Winners can only claim prize money within three months of the initial draw.

Prize wins of NT$200: For prizes of NT$200, you can claim them at any 7-11.

Prize wins over NT$1000 to NT$10,000: For prizes wins worth from NT$1,000 to NT$10,000, you can claim them at any post office.

Prize wins over NT$10,000: For any prize wins that are over NT$10,000, including the NT$10 million (The Special Prize), or the NT$2 million (The Grand Prize), these prize amounts are only able to be collected from The Taiwan Cooperative Bank.

If a winner has any questions about claiming the prize money, you are able to call the Ministry of Finance Service Line: (02)2396-1651.

Don’t forget to fill out the prize claiming form at the back of the receipt.

How to fill out the back of your receipt: If you haven’t got anyone to help you do it, here’s an example of what you’ll need to fill in using a receipt from 7-Eleven. Most receipts require the same seven pieces of info to be written on the back, although sometimes the order changes around:

Receipt front instructionsReceipt Back Instructions

Receipt Instructions

4. What are the regulations for prize money claims?

  • In order to receive the prize money, a winner must fill out the form on the back of the uniform invoice and present this with his or her ID card at any post office. Anyone can claim the prize on behalf of the winner as long as they bring their own ID card, along with the winning person’s ID card and the winning uniform invoice at the post office in order to receive the prize money.
  • If the uniform invoice receipt does not indicate the amount of the sale, the winner is not qualified to collect the prize money.
  • If the buyer shown on the uniform invoice receipt is a government agency, state-run enterprise, public school, military unit or a business entity, the winner is not qualified to collect the prize money.
  • Individual prize sums of NT$1,000 or above, there is a 20% withholding tax levied on the prize.
  • Each invoice may win only one prize.
  • For more details, please check the Uniform Invoice Award Regulations.
  • If a winner has any questions about claiming the prize money, please call the Service Line: (02)2396-1651.
  • The winning numbers of the Non-Physical e-Invoice Awards are announced on the eTax Portal on the website of the Ministry of Finance at

Announcement Dates

March 25January - FebruaryApril 4 - July 4
May 25March - AprilJune 4 - September 4
July 25May - JuneAugust 4 - November 4
September 25July - AugustOctober 5 - January 5
November 25September - OctoberDecember 5 - March 5
January 25November - DecemberFebruary 4 - May 4

Matching Numbers to Win the Prizes 

Three matchedNT$200NT$200
Four matchedNT$1,000NT$996
Five matchedNT$4,000NT$3,200
Six matchedNT$10,000NT$8,000
Seven matchedNT$40,000NT$32,000
Eight matchedNT$200,000NT$160,000

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